Things to Consider When Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

Choosing your health insurance plan can be a confusing experience. This section will help take some of the mystery out of making that decision. The following are the things to consider when choosing your plan. Please call us for further assistance.

  • Cost vs. Benefit
    • If I choose a lower premium health insurance plan, can I afford the maximum out of pocket expense if something big happens?
    • How often will I use the plan?
    • How is my family's health? Individual/family health insurance can be declined or rated up.
    • Can I/Should I put my child(ren) on a different plan for better benefits? Can I/Should I put my child(ren) on a different plan for better benefits?
  • Access to care
    • HMO's vs. PPO/POS. HMO's usually have a greater benefit ( no out of pocket cost), but are more restrictive to which doctor's you can use. PPO's offer more freedom of choice to doctor's and care, but there is no 100% coverage for PPO's. For the same benefit's, PPO's are usually more expensive.
    • Is my current doctor part of the health insurance plan I am choosing?
    • How are prescriptions/medications covered?
  • What the brochures don't tell you
    • Rates and benefits only tell you so much. What they can't tell you is what doctors say about a plan, how quickly a company handles claims, how hard it is to get to a specialist and other people's experience with a certain health insurance carriers. With over 15 years experience in the health insurance industry, our representatives can guide you to a plan that fits your needs.